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Physical Attendees

Welcome your physical guests back to the floor with a tailored app to enrich the live event experience.

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Virtual Attendees

Expand your global reach with a premium virtual alternative for audiences who expect a digital option.

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One Platform

Connect your physical and virtual audience within a single platform and seamlessly integrate your audience’s event experience.

Industry Specific Features

Developed in conjuction with experts from the scientific, pharma and medical event industry to include premium bespoke features.

Host Poster Sessions

Display PDF posters for attendees to download and read or have a conversation with the author directly within the platform.

Interactive Advisory Boards

Scale Sci+Med to suit your event - from an interactive roundtable to a full medical congress, including Interactive Advisory Boards, Internal Training, Small Meetings and Symposiums.

Investigator Meetings

Run multi-track, engaging HCP meetings, tailored to different formats and attendee types.

Create Personalised Schedules

Tailor bespoke schedules for different attendee groups to match individual’s requirements.

Safety and Security

Access obtained only via the platform, safe in the knowledge that your environment, system and all events are completely isolated.

Reporting and Analytics

Track attendees in realtime and process full post event reporting for sessions, rooms and compliance giving you complete control of your data and analytics.

Main Features

Networking Tables

Engage your attendees with innovative networking opportunities designed to encourage human interaction.

Agendas, Stages and Interactive Sessions

Scale content to suit your requirements with the ability to hold a 10-person roundtable or a keynote for 10,000.

Schedules, Meetings and Contacts

Create bespoke schedules for multiple streams, set up introductory meetings for VIPs and utilise open and closed networking.

Attendee Networking With Smart Tags

Benefit from Helix - a powerful AI tagging engine that suggests relevant attendee networking opportunities.

Sponsor / Supplier Expo and Exhibition Stands

Build branded booths for exhibitors with extensive customisation and dedicated visitor interaction points.

Why Use Sci+Med
Hybrid / Virtual Events?

Sci+Med was developed by event people who understand the intricacies of event management. No other event platform offers the same level of customisation.

All Built By You

Take ownership of your event and build everything from the ground up. Our world-class training will get you up to speed in no time.

Fully Scalable

Attain a scalable solution to all your event requirements, from internal meetings to bespoke webinars and international conferences.

Sponsor Opportunities

Offer 30+ real estate opportunities including a dedicated expo area with fully customisable booths.

On Demand

Deliver flexibility to your audience, allowing repeat views of On Demand content.

How To Work With Us

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Sci+Med’s dedicated team of Project Managers provide comprehensive support and advice whilst you build out your event.

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Agency Model

Your Sci+Med Project Manager will lead the design and development of your event, importing CSVs, creating banners and videos - all populated with your feedback and approval.

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Take advantage of our specialist knowledge and expertise by choosing to use our in-house team for dedicated event creation.

Online Security

ISO 27001 and Platform Security

Sci+Med was built in 2020 with specialist technology and we are proud to be ISO 27001 certified and fully GDPR compliant.

We work to the highest security standards possible, reflected through our loyal network of blue-chip clients. The protection of your data is our utmost priority; we offer complete transparency of our data processes in order to put your mind at ease.

Data security is an on-going commitment which our expert technical team are dedicated to improving. We are always open to discuss specific data protection requirements for your needs.

Our Suite of Technologies

Bridge Event Technologies connects real and virtual communities.


Totem is our virtual / hybrid events platform built by event people for event people. Including conferences, exhibitions and webinars.


OnAir is our broadcasting, studio support and post production service that facilitates hybrid and virtual events.


Gravity is our hybrid & physical event App that delivers unique interactive functionality and event networking tools.


Amigo is our creative technology design agency, providing motion graphics, video production, branding and digital creative services.

binumi pro

Binumi Pro is our video production platform and App designed to produce fast, cost effective and high-quality video using your smartphone.


Sci+Med is our dedicated scientific, medical and pharmaceutical virtual / hybrid events arm of Totem.

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